Songwriter's in the round @ The Heatley 

posted on July 29, 2016


Looking forward to playing at the Heatley in the company of Rodney Decroo, Sean Macpherson, & Brian O'Brien.


If you're in Vancouver on the evening of Thursday, August 04 and you like songs, well, you know what to do. :)


Heatley Songwriter's Night


New Album Pre-BROduction

posted on July 05, 2016


Working on pre-production of new songs with these bros! Trying to be a little more "Air" and a little less "Neil Young" tonight, with all due respect to my hero, NY. It's tough when all your songs have been written while strumming an acoustic guitar.


But we're gettin there. Oh yes we are.




Video by the good folks at the Juniper Room in Vancouver

posted on June 27, 2016


Here's a video of a song I performed live at a cool and cozy joint in Vancouver called the Juniper Room. Was recorded on a rainy night in December 2015, right before Christmas, a fun night opening up for my pal Sam Davidson and his Skim Milk crew.





Albums, albums, albums!

posted on March. 18, 2016


Yup, it's been a while since I've posted here. Contrary to what a lack of blog posting might suggest, there's been lots going on! First off, Brasstronaut is set to release a new album in early July on Hybridity Records. We're pumped. Early singles and videos coming very soon! And live shows...

Also, I just recieved funding from FACTOR to make a new solo record. I'm so stoked, you can't even imagine! Very excited to get started. And HUGE thanks to FACTOR for the grant and to the folks at Boompa Records for helping out with the grant application.


More updates to come!


xox, T



Looking forward to playing Juniper Room in Vancouver on Dec. 17, 2015

posted on Dec. 14, 2015


 Stoked to be playing at the intimate Juniper Room space this week with my friend and fellow bandmate in Brasstronaut, Sam Davidson. I'll be doing some of my songs to open up the night along with my pal, Dan Gaucher on (killer & most tasteful) drums. Then, Sam will follow, with his excellent Skim Milk project. 

The address is 326 Industrial Ave. in Vancouver and the place holds, like, 40 people, so best to pre-purchase a ticket if you're interested. Here's a link to the FB invite:


Hope to see you there.





Hosting a workshop as part of the "Young Artists Program" @ Vancouver Folk Fest, 2015

posted June 23rd, 2015



 Happy to be hosting a workshop as part of this year's "Young Artists Program" at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival from July 15-19, 2015 along with Vancouver band Said The Whale. If you're between the ages of 16 and 24 and you want to sign up, head to the Van Folk Fest website or email for more details.


Cost is $150.00 and this includes workshop sessions, recording session, backstage tour, a weekend pass and more. 


xo, T


Brasstronaut to appear @ Campbell Bay Music Festival, June 2015.

posted June 9th, 2015


Looking forward to playing at the Campbell Bay Music Festival this month with Brasstronaut. Seems we haven't played a show together in forever, so it's about time!


The festival takes place on Mayne Island in BC's Gulf Islands on June 19-20, 2015.  And the summer solstice is that weekend too, so that'll add something to vibe, I'm sure.


Maybe see you there.



xox, T

Songwriting 101

posted March 30th, 2015


Just wanted to say that I'm actually working on new songs! It sounds like small news, but it feels big. When you start actually COMPLETING song ideas, I think most songwriters would agree that damn it, it sure feels good. So, that's why I mention it here. Plus it's kinda like making a written contract to myself--put it in writing to keep on writing. Then maybe an album by the end of 2015!


I hope you're all having a good spring so far. 



xox, T


Writing Room











Small Stage Point 5

posted February 15, 2015


In early 2014, my friend and songwriter, Corbin Murdoch, invited me to be a part of something called Dances For A Small Stage. Concept: a music and dance collaboration that takes place on, well, a small stage--eight feet by eight feet to be exact. I've been involved in a number of DFASS productions since that first one--a pleasure to work on every time.


Tonight--Sunday Feb. 15th--is the final show of a four night stint. A little post Valentine's Day outing perhaps? The details can be found in the links below. Show time is 8PM. Venue is The Emerald on Gore Street in Vancouver, BC.


Maybe run into you there.


xox, T


Louise Burns & Bergundy Brixx





Gig at Cameron House

posted February 08, 2015


Hey, folks, just got back from spending a super fun month in Toronto. I got to live in an excellent pad in Parkdale with my ol' pal Chico (the tuxedo cat I was cat-sitting) and work on some writing and songwriting. Yeah, it was cold. Damn cold! But I got to hang with some good folks--one forgets the weather pretty quickly when you've got friends and family around.


On January 23rd, I played a show at the Cameron House which my lovely and talented friend, Miranda Mulholland, organized featuring Kevin Hearn (of the Bare Naked Ladies), Tom Power (of the CBC), Stephaie Cadman, Ben Hermann, John Borra, Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Plaoyers). AND, Ron Sexsmith was in the house too, so that was pretty cool--I'm kind of a major fan of Ron's songwriting. What a night! Thanks Cameron House and everyone who came out to support!


Here are some pics below (more pics of the night can be viewed here:


xox, T


Tariq & Miranda

 Kevin Hearn


Teaching a course on Profile Writing

posted October 25, 2014


In additon to my solo songwriting project and my musical work with Brasstronaut, I'm currently working on a book about touring in a rock band (and a bunch of other things music related). The tentative title is: "There Are No Pakistani Cowboys." We'll see if that title actually sticks. I also teach Creative Writing in the UBC Creative Writing Department–a class in Lyric/Songwriting as well as a course called Introduction to Creative Writing. In November I'll be teaching a short Continuing Ed course at SFU in Vancouver on how to write profiles. There's still some room left in the class, so if you're interested, please sign up or let anyone you think might be interested know about it.


Here's the link with all the details:




Thanks, friends!


xox, T

Storytelling on DNTO!

posted October 08, 2014


This past weekend the CBC radio program, DNTO dedicated their whole show to the theme of "letting go." You know, sometimes you just have to part with things you think are a big deal and just get on with life.  In 2006 I made the difficult decision to cut off my shoulder-length mop of ringlets. I didn't want to do it but the thing was, I didn't really have a choice.


If you want to hear my hair-raising (hair-razoring) story, you can check it out here here along with some other fine tales of letting go.


x0x T

Brasstronaut had blast at Vancouver Folk Festival!

posted August 01, 2014


We had an amazing weekend at this year's Vancouver Folk Music Festival So many highlights including playing a workshop with Toronto's Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Zimbawe's Makoomba on the Sunday night while people crowd surfed in thier underwear--well, one guy did.


Thanks, Van Folk Fest.


Corbin/Tim/Tariq @Vancouver Folk Fest 2014

 Brasstronaut Van Folk Festival 2014

Brasstronaut folk fest 2014 A



Tariq Van Folk Fest 2014

Brasstronaut to play Vancouver Folk Festival

posted May 13, 2014


All of us in Brasstronaut are extremely excited to be part of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival this summer! The festival happens July 18--20th on Jericho Beach. We're not sure of the exact times of our weekend performances yet, but we know we will be playing 1 concert set as well as participating in 2 or 3 workshops. More details to come!


Hope you can come down and hang out. There are some amazing bands playing this year--check out the full line up here: as well as the Brasstronaut page on the festival site here:


 xox, T 

Brasstronaut is busy workin'...

posted March 03, 2014


There was a nice blurb in Exclaim this morning about what Brasstroanut has been up to. That's right, we're working on a new record and should have some new songs for everyone to listen to real soon. Full album to be released in the fall. In the meantime, here's what Exlaim had to say.


 xox, T 

City In Song--Video by Green Couch Productions

posted Febuary 02, 2014




The City In Song event at the Museum of Vancouver last night was a success! Excellent new works by Corban Murdoch, The Abramson Singers, Jasper Sloan Yip, Sunbelt, Eden Fine Day, Jenny Ritter & David Newberry. Thanks to everyone who came out!


Here's a video of the song that I wrote using a depression era accordion owned by Arthur Douglas Tetley as my launching point. Thanks to the fine folks at Green Couch Productions for filming this and putting it together!


Also, here's an article about Arthur Douglas Tetley (1903--2008) whose passion for the accordion remained strong his whole life. He lived to 105 and kept playing!



City In Song

posted January 17, 2014

Back in the fall of 2013, myself and a crew of local songwriters visited the special collections at the MOV (Museum of Vancouver) and chose an object to write a song about. On Saturday, February 01, we will perform these original works and you're invited to hear what everyone has come up with. Even I haven't heard anyone else's songs yet, so it'll be a surprise for me too.

Looking forward to playing at the MOV for this year's City In Song event!


See you there, I hope. xox, T

Front Row Seat

posted January 13, 2014

Brasstronaut new video!



Brasstronaut is doing overdubs today!


New addition to the family...


...only five strings instead of six. Time to learn how to clawhammer!

Tin Angel Records Podcast

I recently recorded an hour-long podcast for Tin Angel Records and you can check it out here:


The podcast includes songs by artists from all over including some of my favorite songwriters from right here in Vancouver. 


As well, be sure and check out all the fine recording artists that Tin Angel releases including my other project, Brasstronaut. Tin Angel released our latest album, Mean Sun, in the UK this spring. 

New EP on Headless Owl Records, April 2013

It took a while but I’ve finally completed a 5-song EP that I’ll be releasing on Headless Owl Records sometime in April, 2013. The album will be released on 12″ vinyl (my first ever!) along with a digital download code, as well as through other online sources–more details to come on that.

You can check out “Leaving Song” on the music page.