Heatley Songwriters Night




New Years Eve "One Night Stand VIII"




Juniper Room w/ Skim Milk




Roundhouse Radio live in-studio appearance




East Vancouver House Concert Series




The Lido, (secret show!) w/Brasstronaut




Khatsahlano Street Party w/ Abramson Singers




Campbell Bay Music Festival w/Brasstronaut




Roundhouse Radio, live in-studio performance




Chicken Sessions Concert Series




Dances for A Small Stage




 Cameron House w/ Miranda Mulholland & guests



Vancouver Fringe Festival w/ Corbin Murdoch,

Jenny Ritter, Jess Hill 




Vancouver Folk Music Festival w/ Brasstronaut



City In Song





Brasstronaut w/Hannah Georgas




Fluid Festival--"Quiver" by Nicole Mion featuring Justine Chambers & James Gnam







Songwriters in The Round @ Fringe Bar w/ Corbin Murdoch, Dave Newberry,   Jenny Ritter, Leah Abramson, 

The Heatley, Vancouver, BC



The Imperial, Vancouver, BC



Juniper Room, Vancouver, BC



714 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC



Granville Island, Vancouver, BC



525 Windermere St., Vancouver, BC



Vancouver, BC




Vancouver, BC




Mayne Island, BC




Vancouver, BC




Vancouver, BC




Vancouver, BC




Vancouver, BC




555 Gore Ave, Vancouver, BC




Toronto, Ontario 




Granville Island, Vancouver BC



 Jericho Beach 


Museum of Vancouver




 Commodore Ballroom



Dancers' Studio West--2007

10th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta





Granville Island Vancouver, BC

Aug 4, 2016 @ 8PM




Jan 31, 2015




Dec. 17, 2015




Oct. 16, 2015




Sept. 13, 2015




August 22, 2015




August 20, 2015




July 11, 2015 (2:30PM set)



June 19-20, 2015




April 16, 2015




April 16, 2015




March 07, 2015




March 06, 2015




Feb. 12–15, 2015





 Jan 23, 2015




Sept 09, 2014





July 18-20, 2014



 Feb. 01, 2014 




 December 19, 2013--8PM




September 18 & 19, 2013 @ 8PM






September 08, 2013, 9PM

Otalith Music Festival (w/Brasstronaut)

Ucluelet, BC

August 24, 2013